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Spring Beauty Favorites

This post may contain affiliate links. You are not charged extra when you click any of my links to purchase a product but I do receive a small commission. Your support keeps my blog going and my family happy! As always, thank you for supporting me and Running On Love and Caffeine!  SPRING BEAUTY FAVORITES Spring weather is finally here! Well to be honest it seems like we just skipped spring all together! We went from a long cold winter…

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An Open Letter to Toys R US

Dear Toys R Us, I heard the news and my heart just broke. Instantly the memories of you came flooding in and a little jingle played in my head… ” I don’t wanna grow up I’m a Toys R Us Kid…”  How could this be? How could this happen? Say it isn’t so! Our beloved childhood toy store has to go! You were there for us during the best of times. Our birthdays when we got to spend our birthday money or gift certificate…

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On Turning Thirty

  It’s crazy to think that it has been a whole decade since I turned twenty. For many reasons, this last decade has felt like a lifetime. When I first thought about turning thirty a few years ago I was not looking forward to it in the least bit. Mainly because it meant saying goodbye to my youth, or so they say. But now as I have turned thirty I am more excited than ever for what lies ahead. This newfound excitement for…

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Incredibundles Diapers For A Year Giveaway!!

Incredibundles Diapers For A Year Giveaway!! Hello loves! I hope you are all doing well and ready for the new month. As we close on the month of love, I wanted to share some love with Y’all! I have previously shared my love for IncrediBundles in a previous post here and how much we love the toddler gift bundle we received! That’s why I wanted to write this post to share with you this AWESOME giveaway from Incredibundles of A YEAR of…

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Skin Care Tips with Dove + My Personal Story and Review

This post is sponsored by Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. All opinions are of course my own. Skin Care Tips with Dove + My Personal Story and Review I recently did a poll on my Instagram asking you all that you would like to see me blog more about this year and one of the biggest requests I got was for beauty tips/must haves. That got me to thinking, what is the one beauty item that I cannot live without and…

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The Truth and Reality of a Complicated Pregnancy

**Trigger Warning- This post talks about high-risk pregnancy & pregnancy loss and might be a sensitive issue for some readers** The Truth and Reality of a Complicated  Pregnancy We as Moms will always remember the day we found out we were pregnant. With both kids, mine brought a different set of emotions but nonetheless I was happy and excited to begin this new journey. My pregnancy with my first born was pretty typical and I might dare even say easy…

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Toddler Eating Tips and Tricks With Re-Play Recycled

Toddler Eating Tips & Tricks With Re-Play Recycled It didn’t take Elise long before she was ready to eat solids like her big brother. Soon she refused to sit in the high chair and wanted to sit at the table with the rest of us so we bought her a booster seat and mealtime has been pretty smooth sailing ever since. Luckily both my kids LOVE to eat and are not that picky of eaters. I often get asked how…

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Giving The Gift of Time With JORD Watches

Giving The Gift of Time With JORD Watches Ok, so If you are like me and you are still Christmas shopping then here let me give this guide to you as a virtual hug to say ” I got you covered”! The two hardest people to shop for in my family are my Dad and my husband. For one I don’t know if your husband or Dad is like mine and say “I don’t need anything” and two, you struggle to find…

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Why I Go Overboard For Christmas

Why I Go Overboard For Christmas I woke up this morning with so much excitement and it was all thanks to my son’s own excitement that was so contagious he had us all up and ready like never before. It is December 1st the start of the happiest month of the year and the arrival of his beloved Elf Chippy. Every year the night before December first Mike and I set up the table in our kitchen for Chippy’s annual arrival…

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