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3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Day in the Right Direction

Mornings are always tough for me and I know that I am not alone in this. My typical morning would entail me waking up then getting my oldest awake and ready for school, breakfast made, lunch packed, coffee made, backpack packed, and add in all the chaos of grumpy kids and truthfully an overtired- it’s too early to functional Mom.  I knew this routine just wasn’t working for me so I committed to a change. A change for a more calm morning and therefore a better start to the day.

As a Mom, I know that anything that can help bring less stress to the day is anything worth sharing! So today I want to share with you 3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Day in the Right Direction!

Get Up Before the Kids-

I know, I know this one probably gets some eye rolls but it really does make a difference! You see every morning I would wake up groggy myself and go wake up my son for school. If you know me then you know Michelle isn’t fully Michelle before her coffee. So while my son is waking up getting ready I’m hurrying around all not together myself.  Allowing myself a few extra minutes a morning before the rest of the house awakes has brought more peace and calm to my mornings.

Start off by waking up just 10 minutes earlier and slowly increase the amount of time until you feel comfortable with where you are at. Even just sipping on your coffee for 10 minutes in peace and quiet can make the biggest difference!


Preparing the Right Mindset-

I am a FIRM believer that having a positive mindset can be one of the best things you can do for yourself! Trust me when I say that this is not easy, certainly not for me in this season of life. But I always tell others that it is something that you have to practice every day! I have started to do this by reading from my devotional every morning. The positive affirmations and a few minutes dedicated to my faith are just what I need to get my day going in the right direction. Whether it is a devotional, meditation, or just saying positive affirmations, just start your day off with getting your mindset to believe that today will be a good day no matter what obstacle you are facing

One product I discovered that has helped me with getting in the right step is Natural Vitality CALM. Natural Vitality Calm is a magnesium powder you mix in your drink that helps to bring you right to your zen place. I LOVE how easy it is to mix in my water and the raspberry- lemon flavor is delicious!! I’ll drink my CALM in the morning with a cold glass of water to re-hydrate myself while looking over my calendar for the day. I’m all for anything that helps get me to my place of Zen ! You can find your Natural Vitality CALM here.


Eat Breakfast-

Y’all it is not just something your Mama made up but the fact is that having a healthy breakfast gives you the energy you need and gets your brain working too. I find that when I eat a nice nutritious breakfast I snack way less by lunchtime. I also find myself not pigging out and lunch (which will lead to that 2 pm crash) because I feel adequately nourished. One of my favorite quick breakfast meals is a greek yogurt parfait. The parfait is something I can even make ahead of time the night before.

Moms, you make your kids breakfast so that they have the brain fuel to start their day off right, so now its time for you to do the same for yourself!


Let’s face it, our mornings will not always be so peaceful and run as smooth as we hope, however, if there are ways I can help alleviate the stress I will do so and of course I will share with you all! I hope this list brings a little more calm to your mornings!








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