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Why We Put our Two Year Old in Dance – Our Bella Ballerina Experience

I must preface this post by saying that I have little to no dance experience. Growing up I did competitive cheer and softball so I had no idea what to expect from dance class. But from early on we knew we had a dancer on our hands with Elise.

As a little baby, she loved music (as most babies do) but as soon as she could stand she was dancing! We joke that she was dancing before she could walk! Last year we decided we would put her in dance as soon as she was able. I stumbled across a local studio here in Northern Virginia called Bella Ballerina and was surprised to learn they started at 18 months old! It was perfect so we signed her right up!

I didn’t have any expectations set for how the class would go or how I thought Elise would do. I have learned through having our older son in many sports not to have expectations but just to see how they either naturally gravitate or not towards an activity.

Elise’s first dance class is one of those memories that will stick with me forever! Seeing your tiny little girl in her tutu and ballet slippers is enough to make you die of cuteness overload! Something about little girls in dance class is just the cutest thing in the world! Me not being a dancer I figured the class would be all about skill. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn’t exactly the case. But that there was so much more!

Starting Dance Young

Mike and I decided that we wanted to put Elise in some sort of activity so that she could socialize with kids her age and so she could have fun learning new skills! We knew she LOVED to dance so it was a no-brainer to sign her up for dance lessons. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about how our wild child would do in class with paying attention given her young age. Well, Elise did so well, I couldn’t stop smiling! I was so surprised and truthfully, relieved. I fully attribute this to the instructors Bella Ballerina select. They are absolutely incredible with the young ones and have such patience that I admire!

If you are unsure if your child will do well in a class or if they will like the activity, ask the center if they offer a trial class. Most places including Bella Ballerina offer this so you can try without the commitment!

If you find your child likes the activity but had a rough first class I say give it time. Given their young age, trying something new can sometimes be overwhelming for them. There are definitely days when Elise “isn’t with it” but having a teacher that can work through it with them with much patience is vital!

The Bella Ballerina Experience

Bella Ballerina does an amazing job at incorporating not only dance skills at an age appropriate level but also the element of fun through dramatic play. The class starts out with a story( mainly a fairytale or princess story) and the theme of the story carries throughout the class. For example one of my favorites was when they did Snow White. The instructor read the story at the beginning of class then they had the chance to dress up as Snow White at the end they perform the story in dance form! I absolutely love how they make the story come to life with the little dancers!

The dancers also get to enhance their rhythm and gross motor skills through tap and jazz. This is Elise’s favorite part of the class! She just loves putting on those tap shoes!

As I mentioned earlier the instructors at Bella Ballerina are truly one of a kind. We took a short break from dance after last Fall session but Elise never forgot her dance teacher, Miss Gabby! She made such a positive impact on Elise so we signed up with her class again this year. We got to meet the other dance instructors at the recital and they are just as wonderful!

Bella Ballerina offers a wide array of classes from prenatal classes, to traditional dance classes starting from age 1.5 year old -10 years old and they have recently added  Bella Buddhi, a yoga class for the little ones!

Bella Ballerina is currently enrolling for the Winter session! Check out their classes below and how you can save by dancing all year!

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Class Descriptions

Dance All Year Savings

** Are you wishing there was a Bella Ballerina in your area? I don’t blame you, it’s the best! There are franchise opportunities available. Click here to learn more!

Our Tiny Dancer

Watching our daughter get excited about dance class and love what she does, makes our hearts happy. We cannot wait for her dance recital this year and to show everyone how much she has improved as a dancer this year. Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can see all the cuteness of her dance class on dance days!

As long as Elise continues to love dance we will continue to support our tiny little dancer! We look forward to seeing all the great things she will do and learn at Bella Ballerina along the way!

**This post is Sponsored by Bella Ballerina. Thoughts and opinions are of course, of my own. 


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    October 15, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    Looks low Elise has so much fun at Bella Ballerina! What an amazing studio for little girls to learn how to dance and have fun with it! I love watching the Instagram videos of her dancing!

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