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To My Big Kid On Your First Day Back To School

Today you enter the 3rd grade and by all accounts, I should kinda be a pro at this back to school thing. Well, I am in the sense that I have your lunch packed, your important papers signed and ready to be delivered to your teacher, and all your new clothes laid out for you. But today my emotions hit me like the day I sent you off to kindergarten.

I look at you and I see you all grown yet at the same time I see that little boy who wanted to hold my hand and give me all the kisses on his first day of preschool. Many years have passed since you were that little boy, but to me, it only feels like that day was yesterday. 

Maybe it’s how tall you have gotten or how much you have matured into a young man. A young man. Wow, even that is hard to say. You always had an old soul and as you get older I see how special and unique your kind soul really is.

Maybe it was visiting your classroom to see it looking a little less “childlike” like the years before. Or looking over this year’s curriculum and seeing the really big stuff you’ll be learning this year. 

Maybe it is you wanting to be more of a big kid and making big kid decisions. I saw this when we were picking out your backpack for this year and I showed you a really cool Storm Trooper backpack from Nordstroms I just knew you’d love. But you took me by surprise when you said; “I do like it but…no characters this year Mom.”

Puppy Dog, Batman, Stars Wars, and the Buffalo Bills…

I remember them all and how excited you were for each one of those character backpacks. You LOVED picking out your backpacks! But this year no characters, just a simple black and white Under Armour backpack.

Or maybe it was how today as you waved goodbye to us while you were getting on the bus I caught a glimpse of what you would look like as a teenager. Us parents sometimes have those moments where we can envision you older and today at that moment was one of them.  So incredibly handsome like your Dad. And it hit me. Third grade today and sooner than I would ever like…your senior year.

They say time is a thief and no one understands that better than a Mama yearning for those days of her baby being so little and innocent while her grown child stands before her. But yet at the same time, we look at you and marvel at the wonderful human you have become and can see the bright future ahead of you.

So while my Mama heart might feel a little sad today that you are growing up way too fast for my liking, it is also beaming with such pride and admiration for the young man you have become and the amazing things I know you will do this year and for all your years to come. 

I am SO beyond on proud to be your Mommy. Always remember that no matter how old you are, you will forever be my baby boy. Now go rock the third grade my love!

Love Always,



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