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A Mom’s Guide to Visiting Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion

Tucked away in Central Virginia is this magical place of fun called Kings Dominion Park. After living in Virginia for the past 4 years I’m kicking myself for not visiting Kings Dominion sooner! With over 60 rides and attractions and a 20-acre waterpark, King Dominion has something for everyone! The park continues to grow and this year they added a new roller coaster, the Twisted Timbers.  The park is beautifully landscaped with stunning gardens and water fountain ponds. You feel as if you are transported into a serene forest full of fun! Everywhere you look there is something beautiful to be seen among the thrill of the rides and attractions.

When we were planning our trip I  looked online to scope out all the rides and attractions. I must admit I was worried at first that there wouldn’t be much for my two-year-old to do and feared she might get bored but boy was I wrong!! There really is something for everyone of every age! From toddlers to kids to teens and kid-like adults, everyone who visits Kings Dominion is in for a good time!


What We Did

We started off our day at Dinosaurs Alive! where we were transported back in time to see 43 life-size moving Dinosaurs! The kids absolutely LOVED the fact that you could control them too! Pressing all the buttons to make a gigantic dinosaur come to life was by far the coolest experience! You can even see what it is like to be a paleontologist at the dig site! I was amazed at all the details of the dinosaurs and my husband kept commenting how incredible it was to see them in action! It was hard to tell who loved Dinosaurs Alive more, the parents or the kids! Dinosaurs Alive! is a MUST when visiting Kings Dominion.


My husband and son were quick to hop on the thrill rides while I stayed back with my daughter taking in the sights and sounds of the park. The first roller coaster they rode was The Grizzly and they, of course, had to sit in the very first seat of the ride! While they took on the thrill rides, my toddler and I went on the smaller rides like the carousel. While my son and husband were off on the “big rides” we stayed back and watched but what I thought was very cool was how they have little things to look at throughout the park like the signing Frog and Mushrooms which all the little ones all flocked to! Mike and Xander both named the Backlot Stunt Coaster as their favorite ride and Elise loved Planet Snoopy and meeting the characters the best!


We played the carnival type games as well and Xander won Elise a Paw Patrol plush toy! We like that they had game card stations throughout the park so you could reload the card without having to worry about carrying cash.

Although we did not get to visit SOAK CITY because it wasn’t opened for the season, we know we will be back to enjoy the 20-acre water park!


        Planet Snoopy

When I was initially worried if there would be enough to keep Elise’s attention I was thrilled to discover Planet Snoopy! Planet Snoopy has 20 rides designed for families while keeping the little kids in mind. Elise and I took a break and watched the live entertainment from the Peanut gang! At the end of the show they invited the kids to dance along with them and Elise (my little dancer) did not hesitate to join in! One really awesome feature that every parent will love and appreciate is The Family Care Center located in the middle of Planet Snoopy. Inside is a little room for you and your little one to relax with small toys much like ones you’d see in a preschool, as well as a changing and nursing room. I could see this being the perfect spot to cool off in the air condition on a hot day with your little one! We loved meeting all the PEANUTS gang characters and as a lifelong PEANUTS fan, I was in heaven at Planet Snoopy!

What We Ate

If there is one thing you must do on your trip to Kings Dominion that is purchasing the dining plan! We knew we would be eating lunch and dinner at the park (and snacking in between) so we wanted the best bang for our buck and the meal plan provided that! You can purchase your dining plan online or when you arrive at guest services. The attendant will give you each an armband to wear that will be scanned at the restaurants where you eat. We were shocked at all the choices we had to choose from! You get 90 minutes between each meal to use your dining plan. We found that it was very reasonable and the best part is we were all happy and full of yummy food!

For lunch, we ate at the JukeBox Diner which is a retro 1950’s diner that serves burgers, chicken, fries, and shakes! We all got the cheeseburger basket and ate outside listening to oldies!

For dinner, we headed to Border Burrito where we got to customize our own burrito bowls! This was our favorite meal of the day! We enjoyed the fresh food and ate outside by the pond. It was so picture perfect




Our List of Musts for Visiting Kings Dominion

  • When Traveling with little ones bring a wagon! This wagon was a lifesaver for us and we got stopped a lot asking where we got it! Use Code: thedeibtribe5 for a discount at checkout!!
  • Plan ahead! We scooped out all the rides beforehand so we knew which ones we absolutely had to ride and went to those rides first thing in the morning before it got to busy.
  • Purchase the meal plan! This was well worth the money!
  • Visit Dinosaurs Alive! I would go back to Kings Dominion just to visit the dinosaurs again, it was that awesome!
  • Take a ride on the Effiel Tower. The Effiel Tower takes you 315 feet up where you can see the entire park and 18 miles out into the region around the park. The views were beautiful and if you are lucky enough to ride with attendant Carlin then you are in for lots of laughter from this guy!!
  • Have your child’s height checked at the height check station where they will get a colored wristband to wear so you know what rides they can and cannot ride!
  • Be sure to take pictures! There are so many beautiful locations around the park to stop and take pictures!
  • Enjoy every minute! We found this park to be stress-free and very enjoyable! We laughed and played and had the most amazing time as a family and know you will too!


At the top of the Effiel Tower!!


Kings Dominion was such a beautiful and fun park for the whole family! I will always remember this day and the fun we had and all the memories made! I hope you have a BLAST at Kings Dominion!


We didn’t know we were making memories, we were just having fun!


*Disclosure: We would like to thank Kings Dominion for hosting our trip to the park in exchange for a review. My opinions are as always, my own. 




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