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An Open Letter to Toys R US

Dear Toys R Us,

I heard the news and my heart just broke. Instantly the memories of you came flooding in and a little jingle played in my head…

” I don’t wanna grow up I’m a Toys R Us Kid…” 

How could this be? How could this happen? Say it isn’t so! Our beloved childhood toy store has to go!

You were there for us during the best of times. Our birthdays when we got to spend our birthday money or gift certificate ( yes a certificate, not gift card but a certificate on paper) were the best days of our lives back then. You would excitedly walk into the store knowing what you wanted but you would search the whole store just because you could, all the while your siblings watched in secret jealousy and would encourage you to buy something they’d enjoy too ( you would do the same to them when their turn came)!

Or when Christmas rolled around and you would eagerly wait for that big book to arrive in the newspaper Thanksgiving morning so you could circle every single thing you wanted and didn’t know you wanted but had to have. You’d look at that big book over and over until the big day arrived. And if you were brave enough like my Saint of an Aunt was you would go there on Black Friday to get the best deals around! I have not only been there on that day with my sweet Aunt but I also worked there on that day which was both crazy and exciting!

Or maybe you just went there with Mom and Dad because they had to pick something up for someone else’s birthday. If you were like me and my siblings then you probably begged for something every time you went…sorry Mom and Dad!

Or even shopping there for your own children now. Watching them full of the same excitement you once had as a kid yourself when you entered Toys R Us.

No matter what the reason was that brought you there when you walked into that store with the rainbow letters, blue carts, and a friendly Giraffe named Geoffery, your day got brighter and your childlike excitement beamed throughout the whole store. I hate to think this is our fault. Have we grown that distant from toys and too much into our electronics? I really hope not! Or is it because we now have apps on our phones that allow us to find the same item cheaper and delivered to our door in two days. For the latter I’m guilty, and I’m sorry it had to be this way but the economy and my agonizing student loan debt made me do it! Whatever the reason may be we are sad to see it end this way. It’s like a breakup that you know has to happen but you really aren’t ready for it. Like an “it’s not you, it’s me” kinda thing, and no one likes that ending…no one.

At a time when the nation is so divided and we are all at Facebook war with each other, I can confidently say we Millenials stand in solidarity when we say ‘ Thank You Toys R Us‘.

Thank you for our favorite toys.

Thank you for making our birthdays, Christmases, Hanukkahs, and every other gift giving celebrations so great.

Thank you for that song that was always stuck in our heads.

Thank you for the smiles.

and most of all…

Thank you for the memories!


Farewell our friend, we will miss you greatly.


All your Toys R Us Kids


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