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On Turning Thirty


It’s crazy to think that it has been a whole decade since I turned twenty. For many reasons, this last decade has felt like a lifetime. When I first thought about turning thirty a few years ago I was not looking forward to it in the least bit. Mainly because it meant saying goodbye to my youth, or so they say. But now as I have turned thirty I am more excited than ever for what lies ahead. This newfound excitement for getting older did not come overnight, trust me! As I grappled with the thought that my thirties were upon me I took time to reflect on my twenties and it was then that I realized how much I really lived in these past ten years. It also made me really reflect on how I want to live my thirties and surprisingly those answers were so clear now.


Looking Back

If you have been reading my blog or follow me on social media then you know a little of my story and if you’re new here, welcome! I became a Mom at the age of 21, in fact, I had just turned 21 when I found out I was pregnant. That in itself changed the whole narrative of my twenties. While my peers were in college doing all the things college kids do, I became a Mom. I found myself not being able to relate to my peers. There were many times I joked saying that I’ve been old ever since I became a Mom. Your twenties are very much about finding out who you are and the path your life will go (or so you hope). And while I was very much still figuring out who I was in my twenties I also gained this beautiful identity of being a Mom. Taking on this new identity was easy for me because I beamed with pride over my son and being his Mommy. I had no regrets and wouldn’t change it for the world but it was hard. There were times where I felt left out or felt alone or just felt down because it was so damn hard and my friends just couldn’t relate at this time.On top of that my better half was gone for a good chunk of time for Army training then gone for two deployments overseas so more than often I was a solo parent. I didn’t let that all that stop me. I still got my degree, started a career, got married, and had babies…all things typically common throughout the decade in your twenties, I just didn’t do it in that order. I guess you can say I’ve never been one to follow the “norm.” Who decided that was the order of “how things should go” anyway?! I’d like to hope we have scraped that ideology by now. But I digress… becoming a young Mom and facing other pretty “grown-up” situations I have encountered in my twenties built me and that is where I have gained the strength that I have today.


I have been hurt.

I have lost friends.

I have made mistakes.

I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.

I have experienced tragedy and sadness.


And while those are the chapters that are hard to look back on, I have also lived through so many wonderful things.


I have loved, been loved, and experienced the best kind of love the world has to offer.

I obtained my degree while raising my son and working while Mike was away.

I had my son, got married, moved many times, and had my daughter.

I have met amazing new friends and grew stronger in my relationships with my longest friends.

I got to see my sister get married and I became an Aunt.

I traveled the States and to Jamaica.

I have laughed until I cried.

I have made some amazing memories.

I have seen miracles happen.


All the good and the bad have made who I am. Michelle at thirty is more confident than ever before. I know who I am and where I want my life to go. I know the people in my life are good and the friends I have in my life now are more like family. I don’t care so much what others think anymore.I don’t allow negativity in my life. Now I only focus on the ones I love and strive to be a positive and good person to everyone I meet. My goals have changed but nonetheless, I’m still as determined as ever to be the best me that I can be.

Looking Forward

When I thought about what I want for my thirties a lot came to mind but when I broke it down I discovered that there are really three things that are important to me that I wish to focus more on:

  1. My Relationships- I honestly feel that I have the most wonderful people in my life. I want to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, daughter-in-law, and friend that I can be to show these people in my life how blessed I feel to have their love.
  2. Self Care- I realize now more than ever how important it is to take care of yourself. I can’t be any of the above without taking care of myself. I am only given one life and one body and it is my duty to take care of myself in all aspects of my health so that I can feel great and to be around for the ones I love.
  3. Growing in My Faith- Throughout everything in my life I have turned to the Lord and trusted in His timing and His ways. My relationship with the Lord is my comfort. My faith brings me peace and hope. I wish to continue to grow in my faith and grow closer to the Lord. I wish to be the one who the Lord has made me to be and to listen for his guidance every step of the way.


So the day is officially here and I am the big 3-0! I am so ready for this new chapter and I am excited to see what it brings! I will take the knowledge that I have learned in my life thus far and put my best foot forward as I walk into this new chapter of my life. I’m ready for it all and I hope you will follow along with me on this journey!

Cheers to a wonderful & blessed 30 thirty years!



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