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Toddler Eating Tips and Tricks With Re-Play Recycled

Toddler Eating Tips & Tricks With Re-Play Recycled

It didn’t take Elise long before she was ready to eat solids like her big brother. Soon she refused to sit in the high chair and wanted to sit at the table with the rest of us so we bought her a booster seat and mealtime has been pretty smooth sailing ever since. Luckily both my kids LOVE to eat and are not that picky of eaters. I often get asked how is it that I am able to get my kids to eat pretty much anything? While I think some of it is luck I know that there are a few things I have done with both my kids that have helped greatly. Now these tips and tricks may or may not work for every kid but they are what has worked for us so far so I am happy to share with any parents out there struggling at mealtime.

Eat What We Eat

Once my kids were able to start solids and we passed all the food allergy tests, I began feeding my kids whatever I had made for dinner. We typically eat pretty healthy so I wasn’t worried about them getting enough nutrition but if we had had a pizza night I would be sure to include some vegetables as well. Not only was I happy that my kids were eating well but I didn’t have to make a separate meal for them on top of what I was making for my husband and I. I belive this has helped expand their palates to new foods and not just yoru typical “kid” foods such as Macaroni and cheese or hot dogs…etc.

Eat Together

Eating together as a family is extremely important to me. Once dinner is finished cooking Mike and I will plate the kid’s food and ours and we wait till we are all at the table where we will then say our family prayer and eat. It has become a routine our kids know well. Elise is still learning patience with her food and can get seriously hangry but she will fold her hands in prayer once we are all sitting down without prompting. It is the cutest thing ever! I believe it helps our kids eat well when they see that we are all eating the same meal. There isn’t anything made special for Elise or Xander, they simply eat what we eat and they see us all eating the same food together.

Encourage Independence

From the moment Elise started solids  I gave her a utensil to use. She would reach and grab towards her brother’s utensils when he was eating so I knew that she wanted to mimic him per usual. Giving her the utensils  helped her learn early on how to use them and by one and a half she was a pro! I tried a couple different brands before I found one I really like for her. I wasn’t fond of the metal utensils especially when she was first learning because she would poke herself in the gums often, ouch. I stumbled upon Re-Play Recycled one day at Babies R Us and I was hooked! I loved that they were soft to mouth and durable.  We have been using Re-Play Recycled products ever since. I love the divided plates for independence and for learning about her foods as well. I will use the large side of the main dish and the two smaller divided side for fruits and vegetables.  Elise can easily choose from her plate what she wants to eat and be learning the difference between the foods when they are divided rather than just piled all on one plate which I know she would just end up playing with.

Make It Fun

Now I’m not saying you have to make every meal look like it came from Pinterest because honestly who has time for that? Not me. But once in a while, I like to have a little fun with our food. I usually do this around a holiday. For St. Patricks Day, for example, I’ll make green pancakes. This year for the Christmas season I made these SUPER cute and SUPER easy reindeer sandwiches. I used my red and green tableware from my Crayon Collection by Re-Play Recycled to make this lunch extra festive. I love that I was able to mix and match the tops to the sippy cups so that Elise had a fun green and red cup!


See bottom of post for details on how to make a Reindeer sandwich 

About Re-Play Recycled

Re- Play Recycled is a toddler family owned tableware company that makes their tableware from recycled milk jugs! I mean how cool is that?! Not only are you getting affordable and adorable tableware, but you are also helping the environment! All their products are made in the USA with toddlers and safety in mind. Check out all their products and see the collection I own here.

Make Your Own Reindeer Sandwich

All You need is:

  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Pretzels
  • Red M & M’s
  1. Cut the bread with cookie cutter
  2. Assemble the Reindeer face as seen below and enjoy!



I hope some of these tips help! Also, head over to my Instagram to enter to win a Toddler Feeding Set or Gift card to Re-Play Recycled & good luck!


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  • Reply
    Jennifer Smith
    December 22, 2017 at 1:22 am

    Your reindeer sandwich is adorable! Will try that with my niece when she’s a wee bit older.

  • Reply
    Bridget | This Mom Life
    December 22, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    Those sandwiches are adorable! I agree, it’s important to make dinners fun every now and then. I find my toddler eats best when we do a buffet style dinner like tacos because it gives him that sense of control and independence.

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