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20 Random Facts About Me

Hello Friends, I’m so glad you came here to learn a little bit more about me, the girl behind Running on Love and Caffeine! I can’t believe I launched this little blog of mine 5 months ago! Time really flies when you are having fun! I wasn’t really sure of where this blog would take me all I knew was that I wanted to write to hopefully help and inspire other Moms and women in general on a bigger platform. I am blown away by the overwhelming love, support, and overall positive responses you all have given me! Seriously, a thank you just isn’t enough!

Since this blog began I have gained many new subscribers and followers on here as well as my social media accounts and the number one thing I keep hearing from everyone is: “we want to see more of you!” The truth is I am the one behind the camera 99.9% of the time and to be honest, I don’t like being the one in front, I’d much rather take pictures of my kids and loved ones. But y’all spoke and I listened so here is little ol’ me and some random facts about myself. I hope you enjoy!

20 Random Facts About Me


1. I was born in Pennsylvania but I only lived there for two years when my parents moved back to their hometown of Rochester, New York. I lived in New York for most of my life and consider that home. But life brought me back to that very same town I once briefly lived in in Pennsylvania and that is where I met my husband and had our son (at the same hospital where I was born)! Life can be pretty crazy and cool like that!

2. I am the middle child. I have an older sister and a younger brother and we are very close.

3. I LOVE football especially my Buffalo Bills!

4. I graduated with my degree in Criminal Justice. Before I had my son and I wanted to be a police officer but changed my mind once he was born. I worked in the legal field as a paralegal before I decided to stay home full time.

5. My favorite food is Eggs Benedict. My Mom has made it every Christmas Morning since I was little. I swear I only brunch for the Benedict!

6. I was diagnosed with Lupus a week before my 25th birthday. I’ve been battling it for almost 5 years now. No day is the same with Lupus, some are very very bad where I don’t know how I am going to get through the day and others I feel perfectly fine. Although it quite honestly sucks to have this disease, I believe it has made me appreciate my life much more because tomorrow isn’t promised.

7. I will ALWAYS look for the positive in every situation (See above).

8. This is my favorite number.

9. I am obsessed with Christmas!! I can’t get enough of it and I get depressed when it’s over. I will often listen to Christmas music when I’m cleaning no matter what time of year because it makes me happy. But honestly, I think this season brings the best out of people so what is not to love about that?


(Floral Cardigan from Pink Blush)


10.  If I could dress up every day I would! A good outfit always puts me in a good mood!

11. Country music feeds my soul. No one in my family likes it, in fact, they hate it. I get my love of it from my Grandma who loves Alan Jackson. I first listened to his CD when I was 14 and  I’ve been hooked on country music ever since.

12. My dream job would be to be a Today Show anchor. I think they have so much and love what they do. I would convince them to let me be a part of the Kathy Lee and Hoda show because those two ladies seriously have the most fun (hello Pinot Grigio at 10 am) and I adore them both!!

13. I am extremely close to my parents. They are the type of parents who everyone loves and we are truly blessed to have them. My parents, siblings, and I have a group text going and we all text each other almost daily. I hate living out of state but I am only two hours away from them so we get to visit them a lot.

14. I gave my life to the Lord many years ago. I would be lost without my faith.

15. My favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail. I can watch it over and over again!

16. I had a small destination wedding in Jamaica. It was a dream come true!

17. I have a fear of frogs and snakes. I hate them.

18. I have Hebrews 6:19 (hope anchors the soul) tattoed on my foot.  Above the scripture is an anchor with a cross and a heart intertwined to the anchor. My Mom and sister have the same anchor tattoed on their foot too. We all did this for Mother’s Day one year to symbolize our mother-daughter bond and love for our family.

19. I just want to make people happy. If I think someone might not be happy with me it will eat me alive and I totally overthink everything! If someone close to me is hurting I want to fix it and I will feel like it is my job to fix it and it will consume me.

20. I love coffee! I guess that might be no surprise given the name of my blog. I never drank coffee till I had Xander but one morning after a long sleepless night when Xander was a newborn, my Mom gave me a cup and said “just drink it” and so the love affair began! I’ve had to cut my intake way down due to my diet but I still love nothing more than a hot cup of coffee while curled up on my couch with the fireplace on...ahhhh heaven!


So that’s me in nutshell…well kind of. When I began writing this and really when I began to think about what I would write for this blog,  I realized I really do have a story to tell. So this is just a little glimpse of me but I promise there is more to come so stay tuned!


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  • Reply
    November 16, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Aww I love frogs! Haha

  • Reply
    November 16, 2017 at 11:03 am

    I love this fun post! Eggs benedict (or ‘eggs benny’ as my friends and I call it) is one of my favorite brunch dishes too. Sometimes I like Eggs Royale with smoked salmon instead, but it’s such a filling, hearty and delicious way to start the day!

    xo Jaime

  • Reply
    November 16, 2017 at 11:04 am

    I started drinking coffee after my 2nd son was born. It’s the only way I could have survived and I’m shocked I didn’t start sooner!

  • Reply
    Carrie A Groff
    November 16, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    Love this!! What town in PA? I live in Lititz, PA and I too am a coffee lover! My husband is also a huge fan of eggs benedict!!

  • Reply
    La Shell
    November 16, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    You are obsessed with Christmas and so am I! I wish you all the best with your lupus. My aunt has this as well so I know your struggle. I love your home city story. My husband is Jamaican so I’m glad you had a good time there!

  • Reply
    Michelle Paige
    November 16, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Such a fun post! I loved learning more about you. You have such a positive vibe about you that definitely shines through your blog. I’m sorry to hear about your battle with lupus and I wish you all the best <3

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